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Spice Kitchen

Spice Kitchen is a family run artisanal spice and tea company run by mother and son team Sanjay & Shashi Aggarwal. Started over the kitchen table on Christmas Day 2012, the business is centered around Shashi's expertise and knowledge with spices and spice blends.

About Spice Kitchen

Shashi was born in Kenya, grew up in India and has lived in the UK for over 30 years. She has 40+ years of cookery experience and is an oracle when it comes to using spices, much to her families benefit. She is renowned for home cooking 12 course banquets without breaking a sweat!

We specialise in selling freshly ground spice blends and tea blends, along with our very popular spice tin collections. Our 'Masala Dabba' spice tins are shiny stainless steel tins imported from India, containing 7 separate containers for easy access to the myriad of spices that you will need to create perfectly blended dishes. We have various collections including an Indian set, Moroccan set, African & Middle Eastern set and a Loose Tea set with more coming soon! 

We source the freshest spices from around the world, hand-blend, hand-roast and hand-grind them to authentic recipes, and send them fresh to customers to order. We promise you that you will never have smelt spices like them (so much so that they smell outside the packaging!).

Along with running a very busy business we support several charities supporting people in Kenya and India such as FRANK Water & Find Your Feet. We try to reduce, reuse and recycle where we can and use ancient production methods without the need for electricity. 

We love to talk to our customers and are passionate about sharing our love for cooking. If you have any questions or need any 'Spice Advice' do get in touch, we would love to hear from you all.

Sanjay & Shashi
Spice Kitchen Team

Mama Top Tip

Spice Kitchen is an artisan producer of spices and teas and it was setup by us, Sanjay and Shashi Aggarwal, around my mums kitchen table in 2013.

Essential to running a home based business has been separating off a dedicated area for the business and for daily household life. We got creative about storage and converted the garage and a back room into warehousing and a special spice blending and packing area.

Doing this has meant we have kept our costs down and also as a retirement project we wanted to avoid getting a unit so that we could avoid the hassle of travelling there regularly. My mum is a night owl also so it’s great she has access to all the raw ingredients in the comfort of her own house.

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