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True Love Keepsakes

Exquisite, Fine (Pure) Silver Jewellery especially made for Mums and Dads. Each piece is handmade and captures the precious prints of your loved ones. The handprints, footprints and fingerprints of anyone of any age can be imprinted onto a stunning piece of jewellery for you to proudly wear. A special way of keeping those you love, close to you at all times. Most recently, inspired by the experience of our lockdowns, I have introduced gemstone jewellery said to have properties that bring about a better balance in our lives. If you're looking for something different, please get in touch, there are many possibilities to capturing the memories of your loved ones.

Slanted Heart Handprint Charm

True Love Keepsakes

Circle Handprint Bead

True Love Keepsakes

Circle Bead Handprint Bracelet

True Love Keepsakes

Double Heart Fingerprint Necklace

True Love Keepsakes


About True Love Keepsakes

Hi I'm Loretta, a mother to an 10 year old boy and a now 23 year old Step-son. My love of keepsake jewellery was born out of my need to preserve precious memories of my son when he was still a toddler. Since then I now love making jewellery for other parents and family members. Family is everything to me and each piece I make tells a unique story , that makes every piece so individual, which I love.

I have lived in Birmingham for the last 13 years after moving from London to be with my partner, Richard and his son Joshua. I'm a fully qualified Primary School Teacher and now work as a Supply Teaching alongside building my business.

Before teaching I studied fashion and worked in Fashion and Beauty PR in Central London. These days, I much prefer teaching and making jewellery, both make me extremely happy and I can't imagine ever not doing either.

When I'm not working I love spending good quality time with my family, I try to make sure we do something together as often as possible, whether it be the movies, going out to the park or for a bite to eat.

I'm constantly coming up with ideas to create new pieces, these ideas I draw in my art book to keep a catalogue of ideas. That's what I love about creating something that's handmade, it comes from the heart and mind of the maker. I get to hear my customer's motivations for wanting a sentimental piece of jewellery and that's what drives me to produce something that will make them burst with pride and never want to take off.



Mama Top Tip

Consistency is key! At times it can be hard, especially when you're trying to introduce a new routine and your child is not having any of it but keep going and they will come round. Children thrive when they are given clear boundaries, it makes them feel secure.

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