Here at BIBaDO we are on a mission to make this exciting time more enjoyable for mums and babies alike. BIBaDO was created after failing, no matter how hard I tried, to keep my identical twin girls clean during the weaning process and beyond.

I was extremely frustrated by the lack of choice for weaning bibs. Nothing seemed to stop the food I lovingly prepared for my daughters being dropped, spilt, and thrown all over the place (banana stains do not come out in the wash). The high chair was splattered in food as well as a two-meter blast zone around it! Cleaning up from three mealtimes a day, which often included a full outfit change, was precious time I did not have.

I finally had the ta-dah moment of how to create a simple product that could potentially change the lives of Mums and Dads all over the country. After many prototypes (which started off as a cut up umbrella) we finally have a BIBaDO ready to face the challenges of meal times especially for you and your little one. Throughout the development process we have worked closely with mums across the UK - so BIBaDO really is a product made by mums for mums!

We are so proud of our product and only very recently launched. My proudest achievement throughout the journey with BIBaDO is when Mums and Dads tell me how BIBaDO has changed mealtimes for them. It has taken them from feeling frustrated and worried about the mess their child is making, to being able to enjoy their one explore and discover their food as they learn about eating - we're just so pleased that we've been able to help!

Mama Tip

Don't be scared to ask for help - you are not superwoman!! The most important thing about being an entrepreneur is to surround yourself with people you can trust and who share your vision. Bringing on board a small team is the best thing I could have done for my business.

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