Box of Smiles


Hello, I'm Sarah. Mummy to three little ones (Joe 6, Amber 4 & Sid 1). The idea behind Box of Smiles was born after having my second child in 2013. I had a few friends that had poorly children and I wanted to create something fun that would keep them occupied in hospital and make them smile. So I started creating Get Better Boxes for friends if their little ones were very poorly or had a hospital trip. I had such positive reactions to the boxes that I started investigating the concept of making people smile with other boxes of treats. 

My gift box range grew from there to include:
 - Welcome to the World gift boxes (for new babies)
 - Super Mum gift boxes (for new mums and mum friends) 
 - You’re a Star gift boxes (to say thank you) 
 - Sending Hugs & Kisses (to say I’m thinking during challenging times such as bereavement or miscarriage).

The key ingredients to generating a bright smile are the hand-selected products, stylish presentation and thoughtful personalisation. The independent products are chosen because they are of excellent quality, with a modern and fresh feel whilst supporting strong social and ethical values. The majority of our partners are UK artisians, many of them mothers too, with a couple from overseas because they were simply too gorgeous to be left out. 

Box of Smiles only use premium wrapping materials and each carefully considered box of treats is beautifully packaged by hand. ! Our gifts boxes are personalised with the recipient’s name and includes a personal message card. The Welcome to the World Box has a personalised card mounted to the box inside lid with the baby’s name and date-of-birth.

I also hand-stamp vintage cutlery which can be added to each gift box or can to ordered as a stand alone gift. I source my silver-plated spoons from antique shops and fairs all over the country before restoring and customising them. ! When you buy a Box of Smiles gift, we will wrap it, personalise it (message card and name label) and send it on its merry way.   

Thanks for listening. x

Mama Tip

Believe in yourself, research your market well, collaborate with others wherever possible and don’t be afraid to adapt your offering to suit your market. Being able to work around the children is fantastic but I find it challenging working on my own sometimes. I’ve started getting together with other mothers also doing their own thing and this has helped immensely.

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