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After deciding not to return to work after having my second child, I suffered something of an identity crisis - I think many mums feel that way. I felt frumpy, and like a piece of "me" had disappeared along with my career.
I've always loved jewellery. Sadly, jewellery and young children do not mix, and I felt naked without it.
Midnight googling revealed that teething jewellery existed - initially I was thrilled, but I struggled to find anything that suited my style. I bought one anyway and my son LOVED it, but I still felt it wasn't really "me". So I decided to make my own.
In terms of aesthetics, I am drawn to the unusual, something that jars the eye, but just somehow works. This has developed into my trademark "wonky" style, and offers something a bit different. They say symmetry is beauty, but I find beauty in the imperfections, the gaps and the jolts.
I have tried to create pieces that will take women beyond teething, combining style with practicality. Pieces that I would want to wear even if I was going out on my own. Everything is chewable, robust enough to endure the most enthusiastic toddler hugs, but stylish. And for me, that feels pretty good right now!

Mama Tip

If you're a stay at home mum setting up a business, my only advice would be to make sure that you feel passionately about your business and you love what you do. Otherwise finding the time to make it work will be impossible.

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