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Bonjour ! my name is Catherine, I am the Maman of two boys and two kittens.

I am juggling the high function of 'taxi' driver for the children, organising play dates, freeing mice from the cats' claws, helping with homework, honing my patisserie and cooking skills with designing jewellery and goldsmithing.

My jewellery is feminine, timeless and handcrafted with precious materials. I enjoy working with high karat gold and silver, adorned with natural gemstones and pearls. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques and make all my jewellery by hand in my London studio. I also use specialised techniques like Kuem Boo , granulation, photo etching and lost wax casting. I also like creating bespoke jewellery pieces for my clients so feel free to contact me if you have something in mind that you'd like to commission.

I hope my little jewellery pieces will help provide chic and elegance from daywear to evening parties.

Mama Tip

Trust your instincts and listen to your intuition.
More often than not, your inner little voice is wise and sound.
* * *
Take care of yourself, if you are happy (eat more chocolate!), people around will be too.

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