Etta Loves


I noticed very early on that baby Etta was far more interested in my high contrast tops than anything else around her, which got me thinking why isn’t one of the most seen items by babies designed to stimulate them and capture their attention? And why wouldn’t you use medical knowledge of babies’ visual development to make them the best that they could be at doing this? And while you’re at it they should be stylish… Functional, developmental and stylish muslins were what I wanted to create so that’s what I set out to do and ta da, Etta Loves was born.

I am still navigating the demands of returning to work, trying to be the being the best mum I can to Etta alongside running Etta Loves. I’ve certainly not found the balance just yet, and perhaps I never will, but in a strange way I love not knowing what each day will bring.

Mama Tip

Trust your instincts. It’s ridiculously daunting launching your own business, especially when it’s centred around your own idea, which may or may not be any good in the first place! Launching whilst on maternity leave was both a blessing and a curse, as whilst personally I found it invigorating to get my brain in gear and really set to make a dream a reality, it was also full of self-doubt, guilt and a healthy dose of hormones that really compounded those emotions. Looking back I wish someone had said “you’ve got this” to help me leap into some of the big decisions with slightly more confidence and slightly less sleeplessness.

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