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Hello, we are HotTea Mamas…and we are here to save you from a life of caffeine free, alcohol free, tasteless drudgery.

We met 10 years ago in the dreaming spires of Oxford. We went for coffee, drank incredibly strong cocktails and opened bottles of wine every weekend.

Then we got pregnant.

We changed to drinking bland cups of decaf and sickly sweet sodas while our partners and single friends had flat whites and espresso martinis. We downed bucket loads of raspberry leaf dusty tea bags as our due dates got closer, and once our babies arrived and our milk supply was low, we tried boiling handfuls of fennel to help boost it. We put on the kettle at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am…

Every time we were unceremonially covered in vomit or worse, paint was plastered on cream carpet or crayons scribbled on the wall, tea was our go to friend. Boiling the kettle gave us restbite from the mania of toddler-hood but the resulting cuppas were often hugely disappointing.

It was shortly before baby number 2 that Kate realised that someone really should be making tasty, caffeine free teas for women like us. Especially ones that had added benefits for pregnancy and motherhood.

Luckily, Bethan had been a tea taster and buyer since graduating and knew how to put together a range of delicious herbal and fruit blends that would fit the bill.

3 children later, and together we have created biodegradable whole leaf tea bags, each containing natural, tasty ingredients specially designed to support your body in the most rewarding and challenging time of your life. That said, they’re delicious and our husbands enjoy them with no shame that they’re raiding our stash.

Ready in the time it takes to change a nappy, they’re the perfect alternative to mother’s ruin and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Mama Tip

We find having 2 Mums in the business, we can cover each others backs, work odd hours and have facetime calls with babies and toddlers in hand. We might do everything slower than we intend to, but we always get there with each others support. It would probably be hard to do it with someone who didn't understand the mayhem that balancing kids and setting up a business is...

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