Lara & Ollie


We're two mums from South East London and we launched our Lara & Ollie silicone teething jewellery business in March 2015. We met through our NCT group and our children Lara and Ollie (now 18 months) were/are the inspiration behind our business.

We've always loved accessories but put them away when we became mums - most of it wasn't safe for chewy mouths and fiddly fingers. Having made jewellery a few years back we loved the concept of teething jewellery but couldn't find anything we liked. So for fun we sourced some beads, designed and made a few necklaces and everywhere we went people commented, wanting to know where they could buy them.

Mama Tip

Setting up and running a business whilst being a full time mum is not easy. But if you have a good idea, that you really believe in, it’s really exciting and motivating and it’s what keeps you going.

We tend to work when our babies sleep, so have been militant about building a good day time sleep routine for our little ones. The minute they’re in bed, we’re working. But of course throughout the day we’re taking calls, on email and social media – we’ve become masters of pushing a buggy whilst emailing/texting/posting! And our kids are best mates so they are happy running around whilst we follow and chat at the same time. The reality of working for yourself also means we work evenings and weekends too. Daddy day care gets booked in on a Saturday and we’ll get together or go to a fair or event.

We generally tend to forego day to day life admin – and we’re lucky that our husbands are hugely supportive and understanding. Piles of washing get ignored and cooking dinner becomes another takeaway!

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