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I am a fully trained teacher and have been working for 10 years in the secondary and further education sector.. helping others to develop their creative skills and push them onto a successful start to their design careers. I love doodling and find my illustration work a really relaxing and rewarding activity. My years of teaching such a wide range of students of differing abilities as well as the experience that I have from juggling things at home with Ruby (11) and Ben (9) that has led me to realise the true importance of creativity for positive well being and personal development. My creative kits have been developed with the benefit of my experience as a teacher and a mum. They range from craft and education kits for children to introduce them to simple textile design skills through to bigger project based learning kits to enrich their education through creative activities. There is also a little something for the grown ups too.. kits for Mamas (and Papas) to take some time out and have a bit of much needed 'me time.' I want my work to be educational, fun, something against the tide of the modern world whilst giving the maker that truly amazing self satisfaction of creating something by hand.

Mama Tip

Find something that you love doing. If you enjoy the process of creating the product or service you are offering then your business idea is more likely to succeed.. when you are juggling kids and work, it's a lovely thing to 'escape' and make lovely things and be able to call it work.

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