Mama Established


Welcome to my one woman show.

I’m Gem, I'm the designer, creator and dream maker behind Mama Established

I work from my little home studio in Essex where the magic happens or doesn’t depending on how much coffee is in my cup!

Mama Established was started after I left the military, and I was on maternity leave, and inspired by my daughter and my love for unique, creative and fun clothing.

I love to design quirky and unique pieces for us Mamas, babas and even dadas to wear.

I’m proud of being a mother above all - it is my greatest achievement and I wanted to design myself something that showed the world loud and proud that I was a mama and rocking motherhood in all its gory glory!

Then Mama Established was born I’ve gone on to create many different and beautiful designs, and I also love taking on custom orders.

Our brand is totally mama made from head to hand.

Mama Tip

Every mother is different, every mother has a different story, but you're all in the same coach on the mama train! We’ve always got one another’s backs!


When I was breast feeding my little girl numerous times a night that would be me awake! But I didn’t want to get out of bed so... I took a flask of coffee or tea to bed and at 3am when my eyes were popping out my head my past self thanked my future self for this hot cuppa after feeding and putting her back to bed.

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