Nina Thomas Studio


Nina Thomas Studio is a small-but-perfectly-formed design house, specialising in beautiful bespoke stationery, gifts and gold foil nursery prints.

I began designing in 2014 whilst still working my usual 9-5 job, but when I had my daughter I decided to take the leap and go full time with the business when my maternity leave ended. There are times when running the studio with Violet in tow can be overwhelming, but it's now 2 years since I made that decision and I'm lucky enough to be able to relish in her milestones, watch her grow and provide for my family doing something I truly love.

I began my journey working exclusively with brides on their wedding stationery, but since Violet was born I've been inspired to create special gifts for little ones. These range from beautiful gold foil nursery prints to floral baby milestone cards and I'm continuously adding more exciting gifts to the range.

Mama Tip

Remember to be present in the moment with your child - When Violet was a newborn I managed to get lots of work done; tiny babies sleep A LOT. As Violet has grown it has become more difficult to tick off tasks quite as quickly as the early days, but it's important to always remember that we choose this career path because of them. Plan ahead, schedule childcare (whether that be nursery or just a few hours a week at their grandparents house) and cherish this time, tantrums and all. They won't be little forever!

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