Pretty Plates Please


Originally from sunny South Africa, I moved to Hertfordshire in 2003 where I live with my son Sean, my fiancé Paul and our 2 mini yorkshire terriers. I come from a very creative family so it was inevitable that one day, I would turn my love of making things into a business.

My business started like many craft businesses do - by chance. In 2013, my son wanted his own special plate for Father Christmas so I quickly painted one for him. Then his best friend wanted one...then another and another and so Pretty Plates Please was born! We've extended our range to include bespoke breakfast sets, clocks, teapots, egg cups to name a few. The great thing about hand made bespoke is that you can always have something with your name on it - no matter how you spell it!

Mama Tip

Always believe that you can do it and never give up.There have been so many times I thought I couldn't carry on. It can be long hours into the night but your perseverance will pay off. Most of all, enjoy it!

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