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Leeds name is Emily, welcome to Sew in Love Gifts. I’m 36 and live in Leeds with my husband Paul, two beautiful little boys, Alfie and Max and our cats Peanut and Florence.

Sew in Love Gifts was born when I was on maternity leave in 2013. Whilst I was super busy being a mum I did start to miss also keeping my mind busy. So, I started to create bright and cheerful prints to decorate my son’s bedroom.

Since then I’ve worked hard to create a range of prints which can be personalised to create a unique gift or as a lovely way to brighten up your own walls.

I’ve always loved graphic design, pretty stationery and decorating my home so being able to create personalised art work is a perfect job!

Mama Tip

My top tip being a Mum is to be kind to yourself! Before having children, I enjoyed being organised and having lots of hobbies and interests. A few months after having Alfie I was still struggling to leave the house before 11am and often forgot to brush my hair. It really started to get me down and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong…how had I gone from being a super organised project manager to struggling to leave my house before lunch time?

Since having my son Max I’ve learnt to be a bit kinder to myself. Anything I accomplish above and beyond day to day tasks I consider a triumph. It may take a little bit longer to achieve goals on the ‘to do’ list but I love my more relaxed days. Being a Mum can be all consuming and exhausting – try not to make things harder for yourself.

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