Sweetpea Pantry


Sweetpea Pantry was started by childhood friends Philippa and Tanya who were surprised at the lack of healthy options on the shelves to help new mamas make healthy snacks and meals for their families.

Based around the idea of making it easy for parents to make snacks with flavour, texture and goodness, they designed a range of five mixes. The range covers Pancakes, Pizza Dough, Flapjacks and Biscuits - all with whole grains, reduced and no refined sugars and super nutritious ingredients like oats, quinoa, flax and chia. Mixes include all dry ingredients with just the wet to add.
With 4 girls between them, Tanya and Philippa always have plenty of testers at the ready!

Mama Tip

Remember to stop and celebrate the wins however small! As business owners we are always looking forward and onto the next step, but be kind to yourself and remember to acknowledge what you have achieved.

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