The Happy Hive

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

The Happy Hive was founded from a passion for design and crafting, something I'd always enjoyed and dabbled in with homemade gifts for family and friends. I also wanted to stay at home with my children rather than go back to work. In my previous career I worked as an early years professional and I always knew when I had my own children I wanted to stay at home with them. With that in mind I looked into starting my own business, researching the market and looking at what gifts I enjoyed creating.

The business was put on hold until my youngest was one, as she then started nursery with her big brother a couple of days a week. This gave me the much needed time to launch my business.
Another reason for wanting to start my own business was to support my fiancé as the main breadwinner of the family. It gave me a purpose and something that was just for me, whilst being able to do something that I really enjoy. I wanted the business to create and sell handmade products for all occasions, hence the business name. I didn't want something that would be tied to one aspect of crafting or one genre of products, choosing a business name proved to be a challenge but The Happy Hive sounded right so I went with it.
As the business is fairly new and just starting to grow (we opened in Sept 2016) I work around the children's schedule, which means most of my work is done when they are at nursery or asleep. It's the perfect balance, watching my children grow up, enjoying a morning at the soft play centre or a trip to the zoo and still being able to run my own business. What more could you ask for.

Mama Tip

Everything takes time, don't get disheartened if it takes a little while to get that first sale. Find your own style and what sells and go from there, build on your unique selling point. Listen to advice from family and friends, they might just help you come up with your best seller. Above all enjoy what you do.