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Last minute sales strategies

Last minute sales strategies


Unless you are brave and plan to send orders on Monday 23rd December, this week is the last opportunity to get some Christmas sales. Lots of people will have finished Christmas shopping but don’t let that put you off, people are still in a purchase mindset and a more likely to be tempted to buy something for themselves or their family even if all gifts are accounted for on the list.


So, what can you do to encourage some last-minute sales?


Here are some top tips:


Communicate you last order date

Seems like an obvious one but just because you said it a few Instagram posts back / a couple of newsletters ago doesn’t mean anyone paid any attention (they didn’t). Between now and whenever that date is, communicate it a lot – daily / twice daily. People are busy, stressed and will miss 90% of what you are saying right now (made up stat but you get that point). So, remind them. They won’t get annoyed if you do it in the right way, as part of other content you are producing. It’s easy to think because you have said something once that people will remember it, they most likely won’t. Shout it out!


Incentives to purchase

Do you want to use the opportunity to sell through some stock before January? If you haven’t made your target yet it is worth considering some incentives to purchase.

For example:

  • FREE upgrade to next day delivery
  • 20% off all orders between now and last order date
  • Free gift with purchase (from stock)
  • Free gift wrapping
  • £10 voucher to spend in January

Lots of simple things you can do to incentive purchase and whether to use them depends on your targets for December / 2019.


Ask for help

If you have a network of small business owners – ask them for help. Ask them to share your products or offers. Most likely, they will be happy you asked and help you to spread the word. You can also ask friends and family to share with their personal networks. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth.

UGC – user generated content

If you have images of customers who have shopped this year and shared their purchases, now is the time to share them. Don’t underestimate the power of a collective. Showing real emotion, from relatable people who have bought from you is a powerful marketing tool.


Don’t forget about your existing customers

If you have a mailing list, make sure you email them and even better if you can include an incentive to purchase. Can you add a personal element to your comms, like a thank you for their custom this year or an insight into your Christmas plans or plans for 2020. Make sure you existing customer feel valued.


One of the best things you can do is take a day or two in January 2020 to look back over your Christmas sales. Spend some time looking at what worked best and what didn’t work so you can plan for next year. It seems like a long way away (and it is) so find a way to document your findings – you won’t remember in them next year. Remember, you are only competing with yourself. Your goal is growth. Happy Christmas!


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Written by Gemma Whates, December 2019



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