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NEW PRODUCT FEATURE: Pachee - Positive Affirmations for Kids


My name is Lillie and I am the Mama boss of Pachee, a collectable reward patch & dual backpack brand for children. Our ethos is to clear, we want to make a difference to people and our planet. Pachee was created by myself and husband Darren with the simple aim of giving children a sense of pride by keeping childhood fun ‘alive’.

According to statistics provided by place2be ( 1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health issue. We passionately believe that brands have a responsibility to consider what impact their products have on their customers, specifically those aimed at children.


So how do Pachee's patches translate into supporting children's mental health?

We have created a collection of iron-on patches, which is actually super fun and a great opportunity to revisit childhood memories!
These wearable patches target two areas: children’s achievements and promoting well being using positive affirmations and imagery.

Before a design is finalised these questions are considered; ​Is it inclusive? What will it represent? Will it bring them a sense of happiness & pride?


Pachee says

Gifting children with a patch is a productive rewarding system and a constant visual reminder of their accomplishments!

Who would have predicted that we would be homes-chooling for a year? Parents around the UK are wearing yet another hat, the role of the teacher. It has been a very testing time for our children’s mental health being faced with a worldwide pandemic and isolation. Now more than ever children can benefit from additional motivation and praise.

Our achievement based range covers topics from Maths,literature,baking and crafts.



Pachee says

When children are recognised for their achievements it can help to improve their self-worth in turn encouraging them to achieve more which supports their mental health.

Guided imagery is a popular therapeutic method which uses visualization to create a sense of calm and well-being. This aims to give children the tools needed that help to manage anxieties.

The affirmation & illustrations used on our patches are inspired by this therapeutic method, with the intention of gaining the same result. The imagery we use is uplifting and encourages positive thinking.

This is our ‘what's normal patch?’. It has been highly popular and it reflects just how important sending out positive messages is to us as a brand.

The gifting of the patches doesn't end with the child receiving them.

Every patch is displayed on a card which has a heading and space to write the:

  1. recipient's name,

  2. sender's name

  3. why they are receiving the patch.

Once filled in this card can also be collected..Voila their very own affirmation card!

After the patch is applied on their favourite jumper or on one of our bags, conversations can begin! So talk about it and discuss what they did to achieve it.Most importantly at times where it is felt they could benefit from a little bit more encouragement; remind them of just how amazing they are!

So help them to build their story, be proud with Pachee and of course EXPRESS THEMSELVES!

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