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Trying to work with a toddler at home!

How to keep Pippin entertained whilst I try and get 15 minutes of work done? Only a quick 15 minutes. I thought I would set him up next to me on his mini Ikea table with some colours and lots of different paper, stickers and playdo. A whole range of fun and excitement.

Initially, it worked. He was having great fun and I had managed to write half an email. Three minutes in, it was going too well. I was thinking this is easy. But I better have a quick check.

And I saw this...

blog pic


Ok so it's not that bad (glad I checked or it may have been) and at least it wasn't Tip Ex all over the TV. I did manage to remove it after some scrubbing. But how impossible is it to work with a toddler in the house!

I actually felt quite guilty, he wants my attention every second of every minute of the day and I want to get a little tiny bit of work done. But it's actually quite nice isn't it - having a little mini me who wants to play with you! I had to remind myself that the work I am doing is so I can provide for him, his future and be at home for him when he really needs me. It's not the 1930's. Most mums do work now.

But for today, my laptop was shut down and we played and I made a pact to give him as much attention as he wanted while he is still mini.

Which will mean a lot of midnight emailing.

That, or CBeebies.

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