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Birthday Parties Trend for 2022

We have met Anya Abdulakh, co-founder of Kindergifts, an online invitation and party management platform that helps parents to pool together towards the purchase of a collective gift as well as donate a portion of the to a good cause chosen by the child.  

Before joining Kindergifts’ co-founding team, Anya has been running a children’s private club and birthday party venue in London for over 10 years.

So we thought she will be the right person to ask about the children’s birthday party trends for 2022. She talks about three dominating themes for the coming year: continuing hygiene measures, growing theme of sustainability and being more aware of those less fortunate. Let’s look into each theme in more detail.

Keep it Safe

COVID-19 have changed the expectations from how we view hygiene and health safety. That would impact the areas such as:

Venue choices:  Locations for outdoor parties (weather permitting) and large well-ventilated spaces are more in demand. Parents are getting more & more creative in choosing the location. Have a look at the suggested locations for the outdoor celebrations we put together here.

Food choices: As keeping safe is still important, a lot of parents still opt-in for individually-packaged meals and putting candles to blow out on a cupcake instead of a cake itself.

Etiquette rules:  It continues to be acceptable to ask for LFT before the party or for only one of the parents to accompany the child to a party.

Think sustainably

We are moving towards more sustainable living habits starting from fashion to what we eat. This trend moving slowly towards children’s birthday party space.

Sustainable decoration: less plastic and more re-usable decoration is on the way up. There are more and more independent companies that cater for these demands such as  The Conscious Party Box or Little Cherry. There is even now eco-friendly glitter suppliers like Eco Glitter Fun. See our list of some sustainable supplies here.

Sustainable gifting: more and more parents of the school’s children prefer to gift one meaningful gift or a voucher to a child at a class’ birthday party to reduce overloading children with tens of little gifts that often get wasted. 

Giving Back with Fundraising in Celebration

We are becoming more aware of the device on how the population is coming down from COVID-19. The self-isolation and homeschooling for families in smaller spaces with less tech support lead to an increase in the educational gap as well as ramping up in mental health issues.

Parents feel more inclined to teach children to share what they have with the less fortunate and opt-in for fewer presents and more charity support.

“At Kindergifts, looking at the upcoming parties on our system, majority of the birthday parties sharing 30-50% of their funds raised with children’s related charities, both internationally (like Stand by Me charity) and locally (like Little Village and Magic Breakfast)”, says Anya.

Let us know what you are planning differently for your child’s birthday this year, and have a look at a sample birthday invitation from Kindergifts here to see if you would like to have a party with a difference this year.

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