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Waking Up To Autism Podcast Launch

As a Mum to two Autistic children, Claire Krost knows only too well that there is a real lack of understanding and acceptance within society when it comes to Neurodiversity. 
Due to misrepresentation in the media and incorrect information over the years, society has created an inaccurate picture as to what being Autistic actually means. Which results in many Autistics not being properly respected and embraced in various areas including school and employment. 
And so, in 2020, Claire launched Waking Up To Autism with the sole purpose of creating awareness and promoting acceptance of Autism. Striving to bridge the gap between the Neurotypical and Neurodivergent worlds.
Being Neurotypical herself, Claire's main priority is to ensure that her work, whether it be her online courses, her in-person school training sessions or the guidance she gives people via her social media community, is created and based on the voices of actual autistic people. 
By engaging with Neurodivergent voices Claire has ensured that her personal development and level of understanding is accurate and therefore best suited to help and support her children. 
In order to continue with this mission Claire has recently launched The Waking Up To Autism Podcast - Neurodivergent guests are invited on to share their story, give their opinion and have their voices heard in a way that reaches people and can make impactful change. 
Episode One invites Anna Mitchell, a 17 year old Sixth Form student who was diagnosed as Autistic when she was 14yrs following 2 years out of school due to anxiety of attending a setting not suitable for her needs. Her story is eye-opening and inspiring. 
The other Podcast episodes for May include Claire's Autistic brother, Mark David Ford, who shares his story of being diagnosed as Autistic in his late 30's and how he looks back on his life through a new lense. We also welcome as a guest the wonderful Joe Plumb who is a Mental Health Advocate having been in a psychiatric unit for three years as a teenage following suicide attempts. Joe was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 6yrs and he shares his truly remarkable story with us. A story that saw him be named David Beckhams "Man of the Match" at The Sun's "Who Cares Wins" Awards back in September 2021!

You can tune into The Waking Up To Autism Podcast via:
Spotify: The Waking Up To Autism Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
AMAZON MUSIC: The Waking Up To Autism Podcast on Amazon Music
You can also connect with Claire via her website or via 

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