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6 Top Tips to Make Your Business Greener

Do you want your business more sustainable but don’t know how?

We have put together six top tips which you can apply to instantly be greener. Have you successfully made any changes to your business? We would love to hear about them over on our Instagram! Find us here.


  1. Look at your suppliers. If your business is taking steps to be more socially responsible, then evaluate your suppliers, the materials & methods they use. Perhaps offer to work with your suppliers to find greener, more sustainable alternatives.
  2. Reduce your businesses carbon footprint by leaving the car at home and walking or cycling to the office. Or look at car share alternatives.

  3. What are the alternatives? If you use ink, consider plant based ink. If you need to use paper, why not use Plantable Paper.

  4. Make your office a plastic free zone. Replace those plastic cups for glass/paper cups or encourage reuseable bottles.

  5. Recycle paper, donate your old equipment to schools, charity or new business start ups.

  6. Go paperless. Create digital receipts, share documents on the cloud

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