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#ALLbyMAMAMeets Mummy Mack in conversation with Kysam

Bridget is an American mother-of-three who lives in Harrogate. She runs the Instagram account @mummy_mack which follows the family’s adventures in Yorkshire. To celebrate the relaunch of ALL by MAMA, Bridget got to know mama maker Kysam who sent her a beautiful personalised necklace, which makes a perfect gift.  https://www.allbymama.com/product/sterling-silver-gold-milestone-necklace/   When did you first discover your passion and how did you learn your craft? I lived in Brighton and in such an artistic town I wanted to learn a new craft so in 2005 I started going to jewellery lessons with some wonderful local jewellers and got rather obsessed with it, so much so I gave up my full time job to be a jeweller instead!    What things inspire you most? I used to get all my inspiration from the beach and the sea but since moving to the countryside it’s nature and the daily countryside walks with my little girl that inspire me, she points out so many things to me which as an adult I probably would’ve missed.    How long does a piece take you to craft? Some pieces take only a few hours to make others like the bee cuff take a full day however, the actual process from thinking of an idea to drawing it through to making it sometimes takes months as I’m known for changing an idea halfway through ....   When and where do you work? I have a small studio where all my work is done and the packaging and wrapping is done on my kitchen table ably assisted by hubby 9 times out of ten (he ties a great ribbon!?)   Do you manage to carve out 'you time' with motherhood and self employment?  Being a Mama was what made me make the leap into self-employment, it gives me the flexibility to be there for all my daughters special times like her first nativity which is in a few weeks, I don’t get much “me time” but tbh we waited so many years for my little one I’m happy with that ?   Do you have a personal favourite? And why? My personal favourite is my Bee Cuff, it’s one of my pieces that takes the longest time to make but I always feel like Wonder Woman when I wear mine and I like to think the recipients of there’s do too! 

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