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Choosing the colour pink

After much debate we decided on a vintage pink as our brand colour. We had a lot of comments about it being a typically 'girly' colour but we really thought it was the right choice for the message we want to get across. Empowering women (specifically mamas!) and then I stumbled across Stylist magazine... Strangely enough I never usually get it as I don't travel to central London but a friend passed it to me as a one off. There was an amazing article titled 'Pink is a feminist issue'. I would love to write the entire article out but I'm not sure that's allowed! I love the fact that post World War I boys wore pink before upgrading to red. This quote is taken from the Stylist magazine article:
The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys and blue for the girls. The reason that pink, being a more decided and stronger colour (sic), is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl. (Originally quoted in an article in American magazine Ladies' Home Journal in 1918)
Also quoted from Stylist magazine...
A 2007 Newcastle University study claimed that females have an innate biological preference for pink, dating back to early civilisations when men would hunt and women would gather fruits and berries, often in reds and pinks.
It's also suggested that the boy / girl - blue / pink colour match may have been established by retailers in the 20th century as a marketing tool!   There is much debate! and thank you Stylist Magazine for the brilliant article. I am happy with our choice for all by mama. Finally, I leave you with this (I took a pic of the Stylist magazine for you to see). I love the way it describes pink at a motherly colour!   What colour are you???   stylist pink  

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