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From idea to reality

Well, week one almost done! What a week. We've won our first award! YAY! startupthu-badge (2) We've been featured by London Mother's Club! YAY! We've generated sales for some of our Mamas! YAY! (pic send to us by a lovely customer) sale   I've been able to spend more time with Pippin! YAY! puddle We went to feed the ducks and got harassed by a feisty squirrel that wanted all our bread! I've never seen anything like it. Pippin was very excited and chased it around the park for ages. He was quite upset when it went back up the tree to hide from him! squirrel Me and my gorgeous fiancé also had our first date night in a while. YAY! Doesn't London look pretty! date night And I got sent gorgeous flowers by lovely friends and family. YAY! AMAZING WEEK. It actually feels quite strange. From the mad, mad rush and working all hours, seven days a week we now have an actual business - up and running and looking fantastic. We have over 50 amazingly talented and very lovely Mamas featured on the website with more 350 products. We're still working like mad but it's a shift in direction. And our team at Head Office is growing! It's now all about generating awareness and building the brand. We've had such a great response to our concept so far and have some exciting PR coming up in the next few weeks. Watch this space. On one hand it feels like we've done it, we've launched! On the other hand it feels like it's just the beginning and we have so far to go. One thing hasn't changed. We are loving every minute. Come say hi:

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