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Get organised for Back to School

Some great ideas to get the new school year, and your little ones, off to a flying start!

Help children starting reception build their reading confidence with a Post From Panda subscription (pictured above) - one month starts at £12.99. Personalised weekly letters from Panda will arrive in the post for your child to get them excited about learning to read and perfectly support their learning. This scheme is for Reception children only and follows the national phonics curriculum so it's an excellent way to start your children on their reading journey. 

Inspire positive behaviour with this gorgeous 'BE' print bundle, £25. 'Be Kind Bunny', 'Be Fierce Lion Cub', 'Be Gentle Giraffe', 'Be Curious Owl', 'Be Bold Leopard', 'Be Happy Dog', 'Be Playful Panda', 'Be Wild Wolf' A5 prints all included.

'Be' Bundle

Start good habits young with this lovely Wash Your Hands Felt String, £15.

Wash Your Hands Felt String

Take the mystery out of learning phonics with this year long subscription to Oz and Fox Phonics, £9.99. Your subscription includes access to an early reading programme, which enables your child to learn to read through interactive techniques and animated stories. An interactive letter formation tool, which allows the child to learn how to write their letters and simple words, using touch screen (accessable on all phones, tablets and computers), as well as plenty of resources for parents from terminology and pronounciation, to having your questions answered by a fully trained Primary School Teacher.  

Oz and Fox Phonics

Take the pressure off the morning rush with The Hair Helper, £17.99, the ultimate solution to storing and organising little girl's hair accessories. Colour and personalisation options available!

The Hair Helper

For a little bit of extra confidence, a reminder to be kind, or just a sprinkling of magic for the new school year our personalised Helpful Fairy Letters, £5.00, give helpful tips on how children might manage difficult childhood emotions.

Helpful Fairy Letters

Keep art and homework spaces tidy with a personalised wooden Crayon Holder, £20.

Crayon Holder

Send some luck and love to a school starter with this 'Shine Bright' Personalised First Day At School Card, £3.95.

'Shine Bright' On Your First Day of School Card

Laugh in the face of lost property by personalising your child's pencil cases, boot bags, water bottles and more - shop the whole range here. Pencil cases from £8.00.

Personalised Pencil Case

Start your own home library with a Little Box of Books - a book box full of beautiful, inclusive and representative children's books, carefully chosen to help children better understand the world and their place in it. Featuring a diverse range of characters that reflect our society, the stories are full of action and adventure, humour and mystery, helping more children see themselves in the books they read. Boxes are available for 0-3 and 4-7 age ranges, in sizes small, midi, and bumper, prices start at £49.99. Shop the Little Box of Books range here.

Little Box of Books

Encourage your child to listen to their positive inner voice with My Box Of Positivity, £10.50, which includes 21 sentence starter cards to help your child find or plan positives in their day! Also 11 'Plan a positive' cards to help them start the day in a positive frame of mind, 10 'Find a positive' cards, to help them reflect in a constructive way on their day, and an A6 sized Positivity Desktop Pad - designed for children to practise daily positive thinking by writing a positive message to themselves. There's also a positivity challenge card which explains a little about positive thinking and it's importance, and then challenges the child to 21 days of gratitude, which they can record on the card. A mini A6 'Little Book of Positivity' completes the set - perfect for you to write little bespoke positive reminders for your child. 

My Box of Positivity

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