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GUEST POST: Mama Caroline

Memory Card Game 3 Tell us a little bit about your favourite products.
I think my favourite products of mine would be my mugs and my memory card game. I had such fun making the designs up for them and then seeing them come together as final products. They have turned out so well. I also love my notebooks, the quality is so lovely and I think they are great fun and very handy.
What inspired you to get creative?
I have always been creative and studied art for many years. I was finally able to make a go of it as a business when my son was little and I was at home with him anyway. The rest, as they say, is history! I think I would go insane if I couldn’t create.
Do you have any tips for managing the work / family life balance?
I think this is the hardest thing to manage and I am still learning how to get this right. I think not working weekends is a good start!
How did you first start to sell you products?
I started off with putting my work on Flickr to see what the response was like. The best thing I have done for promoting my business is opening a Facebook page. I love to be able to interact with my customers.
Tangle-flowers-noetbook-1-550x546 What are your dreams for the future?
Make fabulous art and products from my art and have a happy, balanced homelife! I’ll be working hard on both!
Do you have any tips for anyone just starting out and learning a craft?
If you love what you do then just don’t give up. Don’t be scared to evolve and try new things.
Any funny / inspiring stories that you would like to share with us?
What about the time that my son (then aged 3) locked himself in the bathroom and I had to call the fire brigade to come and get him out – they then let him play in the fire engine – like a reward – mortifying – but still – fireman!
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