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Pippin had a HUGE tantrum in the shops at the weekend. I think it was because I wouldn't buy him a toy dog. I haven't dealt with many tantrums yet and I did have a minor two second panic about how to cope with it. I decided to leave him on the floor to cry. Then when that didn't work I picked him up and took him out of the shop in the hope he would see a bus or something. It got worse. So I only had one option, to carry him kicking and screaming to the car as fast as I could. I got looks. Lots of looks. I knew I would but I wasn't expecting them from other mums. Men didn't care. Old ladies smiled at me and I smiled back. Mums looked. They stared. I tried to smile. They didn't smile back. I made it home. Pippin was fine as soon as we got in the car and he saw he could read Peppa Pig. I realised it would be the first of MANY tantrums. It was soon forgotten. The next day we went to the park. I had the dream toddler by my side. Holding my hand he said 'please can I jump in muddle puddles mummy.' I was so proud. (Yes we splash in puddles every day. We do other activities too - honest) muddy puddles I saw a mum on the other side of the road with a screaming toddler. He was lying on the floor and refusing to move. And I stared at the boy. And I started at the mum. We got home and I felt bad! Why did I stare? Then I realised. I wanted reassurance. I wanted tips about what to do next time! I wasn't judging. I really wasn't! Next time I will perhaps remember to smile!

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