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Our Top 10 Easter Picks

Easter. It's coming soon and it's not all about chocolate. Here we share some of our favourite finds. 1. Personalised Easter Baking Bucket, Made by Mama Alex Eastr-bucket-3-550x550 This personalised Easter bucket comes with a bucket for egg hunting, chocolate shortbread biscuit mix (just add butter to make 8-10 biscuits), Easter biscuit cutter, 2 icing pens and sprinkles to decorate your biscuits, a plastic egg (can be used as a shaker for sprinkle dispersing) and a little Easter chick. Available here. 2. Easter Crayons, Made by Mama Leanne Easter-Egg-and-Chick-Doodlers-e1425309931857 This set of eight hand-poured Egg and Chick Crayons make the perfect Easter gift. A healthy alternative to chocolate and hours of doodling fun to be had! Available here. 3. Little Bunny Egg Cosy, Made by Mama Helen LPMB_Easter_Egg_Cosy_Bunny-550x550 Perfect to give as an Easter gift (Why not put a chocolate egg inside?) then use it to keep fresh boiled eggs warm for a special Easter family breakfast? Add a personalised name on the reverse as a special finishing touch. Available here. 4. Best Egg-splorer Easter Badge, Made by Mama Tracey 2015-03-19-22_03_42-250x250 Award the kiddies with these badges when having an Easter egg hunt, a great prize to be had, fun for parties or at home. Available here. 5. Easter Bunting, Made by Mama Victoria Easter-Bunting-5-550x550Easter Bunting 2 Make your Easter extra pretty. There are nine flags featuring three different images . An appliqué daffodil on a linen mix fabric, a felt rabbit with felted tail on a blue ditsy print and a basket of eggs on an olive green spot print fabric. They are topped with a yellow and white spotty bias trim and have a loop at either end for hanging. Lovely and cheerful. Available here. 6. Personalised 3D Bunny Art Work, Made by Mama Emma a-styled-yellow-bunny-640x480-550x480 This adorable bunny makes a beautiful keepsake and comes beautifully personalised & framed making it a totally unique gift that will last for years. Something very special. Available here. 7. Hot Cross Bun Mega Mix, Made by Mama Alex Hot-Cross-Bun-Mix-1-550x550 Shop bought hot cross buns are pretty nice but home made hot cross buns are AMAZING!!!! With this fantastic Hot Cross Bun Mega Mix you can whip up a batch of buns with ease. Just add a drop of milk, some butter and an egg to make 6-7 beautiful buns. Great fun with the kids. Available here 8. Easter Egg Basket, Made by Mama Helen Easter-Egg-Basket-La-Petite-Maison-Blanc-550x550 Perfect Egg Hunt basket that can then be used throughout the year in the kitchen for Egg storage. Available here 9. Easter Bunny and Carrot Gift Bags, Made by Mama Kerry photo-9-550x550 Easter bunny and carrot gift bags, made from felt. Perfect for some yummy chocolate eggs. Available here 10. Children's Easter Basket Craft Activity, Made by Mama Tracey 2015-03-19-20_07_33-250x250 Give a fun Easter activity for children to colour, cut and stick and create a cute Easter egg basket to hold all their mini eggs in! Available here

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