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The power of the pen

After many months of experimenting with ways of trying to work around Pippin without feeling like a bad mum I think I may have a (temporary) solution. We seem to have made a pact today. DEAL IS - mummy sits on the sofa and writes everything down with a pen (including this) to type up later. Pippin happily plays with his cars next to mummy DEAL IS NOT - mummy sits at the computer and replies to emails If this deal is broken, tantrums are guaranteed. And fair enough. Who wants their mummy to be at a computer instead of 'watching' play from the sofa? So far, so good. I have lots done and a happy little boy! I can work, Pippin can play with me around and I get my computer time in the evening when he is asleep. It just looks like I am 'colouring in' after all! Fact is, I do need to sometimes do a little bit of work when Pippin is awake between the puddle jumping and the play dates (do I have the only just turned two year old in the world who doesn't nap!) Don't get me wrong I am under no elusions. I know this won't last. But anything that works even temporarily is a winner in my eyes!

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