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Christmas Gift List by Sarah @arthurwears

With Christmas upon us I have been on the hunt for some lovely Christmas products and decorations for our home this year. We usually spend Christmas in Holland with my Husband's parents (apart from the Christmas when Arthur was due to be born!) but this year we are celebrating at home, which will also be Arthur's first Christmas at home too. I really want to make sure we create some wonderful memories and lasting traditions so that Arthur will want to come back home for Christmas when he is grown up too! I first came across the All By Mama website when I interviewed Gemma  for my Children Changing Careers series  - I love the ethos behind the business and it feels good to know that I would be supporting other mamas in buying the products available. Here is my Christmas wish list: Personalised xmas bauble - Every year I buy a new bauble for our tree. Last year I took Arthur to a pottery shop to print his hand print onto his very first bauble, and I absolutely love this personalised name bauble as an option for his second Xmas. Not only does it look beautiful and so simple - it also creates a little learning opportunity for name recognition. img_2447-e1474632253780-550x550   Cinnamon and orange beeswax candle - I find Christmas to be a very 'sensory' experience, all the twinkling lights, delicious food and of course - the smell!! A scent has a wonderful way of evoking memories and creating an atmosphere and so I always switch my home scents and candles to the traditional Christmas smells around this time. You can't get much more Christmasy than cinnamon and orange! Gorgeous. cinamoncandle   Let it snow wooden blocks - I am massively into a grey and neutral colour scheme. We've just had our walls painted a pale grey, our flooring is grey, as are our soft furnishings. I love a clean, crisp look and these wooden blocks signal towards christmas without being too over the top - They would look perfect in my house! daisy-frames-let-it-snow-blocks   Personalised xmas stocking - For me, a stocking was always the BEST bit about Christmas. The excitement of kicking the covers at the end of your bed when you woke up to feel whether your stocking was full from Santa's visit. Nothing beats that excitement. I am definitely going to get Arthur a stocking this year and start that tradition for him. I love the grey stocking - it appeals to my love of neutral colours with a hint of Christmas added to it as well. Perfect. photo-08-08-2016-14-48-42-e1470993489462-550x550-1   Personalised xmas eve boards - I love how visual this is for small children - it means they can really get involved and understand the concept of leaving certain things out for Father Christmas - it certainly beats a paper plate in a rush at the last minute before bed, and I think Santa would love this too... christmas-board-1a-550x550   Santa's delivery note - Of course, you can't leave something out for Santa to find without there being some sort of clue left that he has indeed paid you a visit! I used to search for sooty foot prints, bits of hay, coal or fluff from his clothes - it would have been amazing to find one of these on Christmas morning! santa-note-in-situ-2-550x550 Sarah writes the popular Arthurwears blog, you can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.  

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