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Thoughts and Doodles Notebook for Kids - My Book of Brilliant Thoughts, Doodles and Drawings

Product description

This thoughts, doodles and drawings notebook encourages relaxation, mindfulness and the processing of thoughts and feelings through writing and drawing. Research shows that writing and doodling can promote emotional health by facilitating the brain's ability to process them and make more sense of them leading to improved emotional awareness! The aim of this notebook is to guide children or teenagers back to these forms of expression for their wellbeing.

Inside the  front page, there is space for your child to write their name, taking ownership of their notebook so it becomes their safe space to explore their thoughts.

A double page explains, in child friendly terms, how writing and doodling can support their emotional health and reassure them that sometimes thoughts are brilliant, for example in their creativity or imagination, but can also sometimes be unhelpful in the form of anxiety etc. Your child will feel encouraged to use their notebook to doodle or create as a form of mindfulness, and/or write to explore thoughts and feelings to make sense of them.

The internal pages of the book are set up as a double page spread with a page for thoughts and a page for doodling and drawing. This is clearly guided through the graphics in the book. Throughout the book are regular structured spaces that encourage your child to check in with their emotions and then doodle and draw something positive from their week. The notebook is otherwise for your child to write and doodle freely.

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  • A5 sized
  • 120gsm FSC internal pages
  • 350 gsm silk card covers
  • wire binding
  • suitable for ages 7 years +
  • 1st Class Postage
  • Dispatched within 2 business days

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